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Tower Swap

Tower Swap is a puzzle game that combines match-3 mechanics with addictive tower defense gameplay. Your mission in the game is to build a strategy to prevent the dragons from reaching your castle.

How to Play Tower Swap

Build your defenses

Match three pieces of the same resource to upgrade them into weapons or defense pieces. Continue merging to create stronger units.

Weapons are a great fusion opportunity. However, when merging, your coverage on the map will decrease. So let's merge in a calculated way.

Protect your castle

Once you have built a strong army, be ready for attacks.

Dragons will come and invade your territory. Defend strategically against the onslaught.

Fight the final boss

Day 10 and Day 20 were important milestones in the war. Be prepared. After defeating the boss, it will release countless smaller dragons. Destroy them all, or you will fail.

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