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Disney Princess 2048

Jump into the enchanting world of Disney's timeless fairy tales with Disney Princess 2048. Players have a chance to meet beautiful princesses, from Snow White, Cinderella, Belle, and Aries to other iconic princesses, on a magical journey as they merge tiles. What are you waiting for? Step into this fantastic game and unlock new characters, as well as experience the joy of Disney.

How to play Disney Princess 2048

In Disney Princess 2048, players will start the game with a grid filled with two princess tiles. Each tile has an image of a different Disney princess.

Your main task is to use the arrow keys or swipe (if you are on a mobile device) to move the tiles in one direction. If two tiles with the same princess meet, they will merge to become a new princess.

Consider the positions of the princesses before each move to create higher-level princesses and unlock new characters.

The game is over when the grid is full of princess tiles and you cannot make any proper moves to merge similar titles.


Disney Princess 2048 is an infinite game. That means players can continue merging princesses to get a higher score as long as the grid is not filled. In addition, this game features charming visuals and beautiful artwork that give players a nostalgic and enchanting ambiance while playing.

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