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Taylordoku is a music game that challenges players to guess hidden Taylor Swift songs. With up to 8 guesses, players utilize clues like album, track number, year, and single status to deduce the song. 

For fans of Taylor Swift's discography, the game provides an entertaining and interactive way for them to test their knowledge.

How to play

Using the hints the game provides, players of Taylordoku must guess the secret Taylor Swift song.

Enter a Taylor Swift song to get things started. The categories "Album," "Track," "Year," and "Single" are among those that the game offers to provide hints regarding the hidden song.

Take note of the hints listed under every heading. In the event that a match is found in the "Single" category, it signifies if the estimated song is also a single.

This might assist you in ruling out choices or verifying possible matches.

Pay attention to the exceptional circumstances—such as songs from "From the Vault" albums, re-recordings, and additions—that are specified in the game rules.

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