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PokeRogue is a unique rogue-lite take on the Pokemon universe that brings excitement with the world changing with each play, and you must explore the maps, encounter wild Pokemon, and build your team for battle strategy.

How to play

When you play, the map and encounters change.
While it doesn't have permadeath, the game still offers a challenging loop.

You must make decisions to collect reasonable Pokemon to power up your team. This increases the difficulty, forcing you to carefully manage resources and plan ahead.
The controls are a breeze. Use the arrow keys to navigate, the Z key to interact, and the X key to access the menu.

Battles follow classic gameplay. You have to attack, use items, transfer Pokemon, or run away from encounters.

If you're a Pokemon fan and are looking for a challenge in a new strategy game, PokeRogue is for you. Use your tactics to make your team the strongest.

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