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Pacman Full Screen

Pacman Full Screen is a timeless classic game that has transcended decades and continues to captivate players with its iconic gameplay. The original version, pioneering a graphical user interface in video games, has evolved into one of the most beloved online games.

How to play

In the full-screen Pac-Man experience, players must select a challenging setting to navigate through levels while avoiding ghosts, each with unique behaviors.

Pinky strategically shadows Pac-Man's movements along walls; Inky presents a blend of ghost tactics; Blinky relentlessly pursues Pac-Man; and Clyde, while initially heading towards Pac-Man, unpredictably changes direction.

The mission is to complete all levels by guiding Pac-Man through mazes and devouring items to progress. However, the ghosts pose a constant threat. A single catch results in losing a life, and if all lives are exhausted, Pac-Man restarts at level 1. 


Arrow keys to move

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