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Noob Snake 2048

Noob Snake 2048 is a 2048 game combined with engaging snake gameplay where players control a snake that collects blocks to become the strongest.

How to play

Players control a snake, collecting numbered blocks to grow longer and stronger. Destroy your opponents to make them grow faster.

Your objective is to consume blocks from other players and dominate the leaderboard. The game provides speed-boosting tools for you to use in attacking your opponents. Aim for higher-scoring players to quickly increase your rankings.

Game Modes

  • Normal Mode: The goal of this mode is to achieve a score of 262,000 first.
  • Survival Mode: The goal is to achieve the highest possible score within a given time.
  • Arena Mode: In this mode, you need to become the last surviving snake to win.


Use the arrow keys or swipe to move your snake.

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