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Heardle 80s

Heardle 80s is a song-guessing game inspired by Heardle, specifically tailored for fans of 1980s music. The game is perfectly designed for those who love and want to test their knowledge of that vibrant decade.

How to play Heardle 80s

Click the Play button to begin.

Play the track and listen closely to the snippet provided.

Type your guess in the box at the bottom. Then, songs with matching words will appear, and you can choose that word.

The game will give suggestions after each answer you enter:

  • A green check mark will appear for the correct answer.
  • A red X will show for an incorrect one.

Use Hints: You can click Skip if you are still confused with the answer. Each time you guess incorrectly, the game will give you a longer piece of music that brings you closer to the answer.

Continue trying like this until all six tries are gone. The game ends if, after six attempts, you still can't find the answer. So, try to guess correctly as soon as possible to get the highest score.

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