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2048 Billiards 3D

2048 Billiards 3D is a game fusion of billiards and the popular 2048 puzzle concept. In this game, players merge billiard balls with numerical values, combining their skills in both precision and mathematics.

How to play

The objective is to level up billiard balls by matching those with identical numerical values, progressively adding them up to achieve larger totals.

Starting with the classic 2048 sequence (2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, and so on), players can reach sums beyond 2048, presenting an increasingly challenging gameplay experience.

Each level sets a target value at the top of the billiard table, challenging players to strategically merge balls to meet or surpass this number.

As players progress through levels, they unlock new challenges, providing a dynamic and engaging gaming experience.

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